Accept and Adapt – a coping mechanism in the times of Covid-19

Well it’s a strange old time isn’t it? As the month of April went by and the Covid-19 restrictions became the new normal, I began to see a trend in my client work and in the general population of people’s usual coping mechanisms being taken away. Where as previously after a bad week, the perfectContinue reading “Accept and Adapt – a coping mechanism in the times of Covid-19”

What is your ‘Trust Policy’?

In my work as a Counsellor, I am very aware of how important trust is in the therapy room. It’s like the magic ingredient that really allows the therapeutic process to begin and flow freely. Some clients arrive ready to share, but for others it takes time to recognise that they are in a safeContinue reading “What is your ‘Trust Policy’?”

Anxiety and those wriggly worms in your tummy

We all have times in our life where we get that familiar feeling known as ‘Anxiety’ creeping in. Job interviews, driving tests, big life changes and sometimes the smaller details in life can leave you feeling jittery, fearful, your heart pounding and your head swimming with fearful thoughts. So how can you better handle timesContinue reading “Anxiety and those wriggly worms in your tummy”