How I work

I work using a person centred method which allows me to follow you on your own journey through therapy. Sometimes this is over a short number of sessions or sometimes it may be a longer lasting relationship, depending on your requirements.

I believe that the environment in which sessions take place is very important and I strive to provide a safe and comfortable setting to allow me to focus on you and for your to feel like you can open up.

For Online sessions this means that I work in a private space with no distractions or risk of your confidentiality being broken

For face to face sessions The Counselling rooms are in a discreet building to ensure your confidentiality and all rooms are private.

Individual Sessions are 50  minutes in length, Couples are either 50 mins or 80 mins and they can be booked for a regular time each week or ad hoc as required.

Whilst weekly sessions are preferable for the therapeutic process, I do understand that this may be not possible for everyone to commit to. This can be discussed on an individual basis.

I understand that it can be a very brave step to ask for help and I respect your decision to do so.

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