Accept and Adapt – a coping mechanism in the times of Covid-19

Well it’s a strange old time isn’t it? As the month of April went by and the Covid-19 restrictions became the new normal, I began to see a trend in my client work and in the general population of people’s usual coping mechanisms being taken away.

Where as previously after a bad week, the perfect tonic for some would be meeting a friend for a drink, a trip to the beach to blow off the cobwebs or a long endorphin inducing session at the Gym…they aren’t currently options.

Treats have been taken away too! As the weekend approaches people are usually thinking about what they can do as a reward for the working week….going to see a movie, shopping for a new dress, or getting dressed up and going out for a nice romantic meal. Instead activities are limited to the home or a brief walk in the local area.

Whilst I admit it’s not been always easy for me, over the weeks of lockdown I have come to use as my coping strategy the idea of ‘Accept and Adapt’. There are things I am absolutely unhappy with, and in particular for me, the difficulties in not being able see people I care about including family, friends and clients has been tough.

I realised that whilst I fight against the restrictions mentally and focus on the ‘it’s not fair’ aspect of it all, I end up tying myself up in mental knots trying to find a way out of a situation that’s not there to find. By accepting the situation and refocusing on thinking creatively about what I can do instead, I become able to find new ways of doing things, connecting with people and caring for them.

So the next time you find yourself frustrated and feeling restricted in the current climate, take a few deep breaths, pause and ask yourself:

What do you need to accept about the current situation that you can’t change?

How can you adapt creatively to still make the best of the situation that you are in?

Published by christinabroadbent

Counsellor at Tangled Thoughts Therapy UK

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