Making Good decisions

A close friend shared with me some wonderful news yesterday and whilst I was filled with joy for her, I also paused to look in admiration at her life.

I’m not suggesting her life is perfect (who’s is?) but when I began to reflect further I recognised that I respected her way of living and the values she holds that have been the foundation for her in creating her life. I saw she had made good and measured decisions and at the times when I had known her to go through difficult situations, she had faced them head on, not hiding away, even when things were very hard.

I make hundreds of small decisions each day; Beans or egg on toast for lunch? Should I wear the blue or purple scarf? These have little impact on my life in the long term, but there are other decisions such as whom to marry, where to live, and where to work which have a big impact and I need to take these seriously and approach them with purpose and intent.

If we let things just happen in order to avoid having to make a decision, will we end up where we want to and can we complain about where we end up?

Decision making is personal and sometimes feels very messy, but ultimately to avoid these decisions and to not treat them with respect risks not being in control of or happy with the results.

To face situations head on and to take time to consider our choices can be daunting, but to recognise we do have choices can also be a privilege and empowering.

It’s so important to recognise the massive amount of power we do already have to change how our life looks and stop acting and living like we don’t!

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