Couples Therapy

No relationship is ever smooth sailing all the way through and sometimes you reach a point where you need some help to work though relationship issues.


Premature divorce and separation is becoming increasingly common as couples split rather than try to work through issues to see if hurdles in their relationship can be jumped over together.

Many clients have uttered the familiar words to me ‘If we hadn’t come to see you, we would have split up by now’ and It makes me very happy each time to hear that the devastation of separation has been avoided.

Often couples report that when they talked before therapy, they just ended up shouting at each other and they recognise that in this environment no one is actually hearing what is being said! By sitting together with a Therapist you can take the time to express yourself and really hear each other without the situation becoming out of control.

I won’t take sides and offer no judgement over whatever situation you find yourself in.

Sessions can be 50 mins or 80 mins long and I am happy to be adaptable in working to a time that suits you both.

Whilst both clients need to be a part of the sessions for it to work, it’s important to note that I often have one partner who is more keen that the other to start therapy and this is totally fine!

It’s preferable to be in the same location as each other for your session but some clients have zoom sessions from different places for convenience

Contact me to ask for further information or to book an initial session.

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