Pre-Marriage Counselling

The start of a relationship is exciting and thrilling as you get to know this new person who wants to share their life and themselves with you! And now you have reached a time when you are ready to make a commitment to each other by getting Married – Congratulations! This is a very special time in your life and one to cherish!


Pre-Marriage therapy exists to allow couples to talk about the big stuff of life together as a couple and to plan ahead to avoid problems occurring. It’s about checking if you are on the same page, and working out how you are going to compromise when you are not.


We can talk about the expectations that you have of each other as life partners and the roles you expect to take in your relationship.

It all serves to set you up to know each other at a deeper level and to strengthen your relationship!

The Therapy starts with a questionnaire which you both complete before the first session to identify topics that you may want to talk more about in your sessions. We then work together in the first session to plan out the following 5 sessions and to identify which topics are important to you. This individual tailoring makes the programme unique for you.

As a bonus there is a free session which you can take at anytime within the first year of marriage!

Booking in for pre-marriage counselling shows a great commitment to a long, healthy and satisfying marriage. I can’t promise it means that things will be perfect but my hope is that it puts you in a good position for your future together and equips you to deal with the more rocky seasons should they occur!