Person Centred Therapy

In some types of Therapies the counsellor makes a diagnosis of what’s ‘wrong’ with you.

Person-Centred Therapy doesn’t work like that. It is client led which means we oIMG_1026nly talk about what you wish to bring to each session.

We don’t put  labels on you, instead,
we listen to what matters to you and try to help you to make sense of situations, to understand your own thoughts and feelings better.

We believe that you know far better than anyone what would work for you – You are your own expert and we hope that though therapy you will discover this.

Sometimes, as we progress through the therapy process, different subjects come up that clients never imagined they would bring into the conversation. This is why we aim to follow you on your own journey through therapy with no agenda set by us.

The golden rule is: if it’s in your mind, it’s important to both you and us.